Star Spangled Barrel is my response to the Las Vegas shooting and the American gun fetish in general. The work consists of a handgun water jet cut with stars and stripes, the symbols of the United States flag making the gun inoperable with patriotism. It begs the question, "What do Americans love more, guns or country?" 

As part of this campaign I hosted a 2-day fundraiser/exhibition at HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, Berlin
Star Spangled Barrel Exhibition - Front room @HVW8 Gallery
"Domestic Threat" and "Inoperable Patriotism" wall installations

vs. Beretta video

A short video of the process of making this gun.

Inspiration for this work

Stirling-Smith Art Gallery and Museum, UK 

"Breaking the Habit"

A work by Scottish artist George Wyllie as a response to the Dunblane massacre in Scotland in which 16 children and their teacher were killed by a gunman who committed suicide. The work was striking because it was simple and bold - a sporting rifle sawn into the form of the Saltire, the Scottish flag. 

Gun Donations

Would you like to donate your gun to this campaign? I've already been offered two guns and would love many more to work with. If you like art more than guns inquire here

Buyback Programs: I've actively approached Police departments throughout the US including, Chicago, Greensboro, Cleveland and NYC. In general, they all have relationships with steel manufactuers to melt down guns received from buyback programs for profit. If you know of a non-profit that could help, please let me know.